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Our mission is to bring the blockchain to everyone

Portis is a technology company that wants to make sure any person in the world can use decentralized applications, just as easily as they use "regular" apps.

To achieve that we engage the developer community, listen to their needs and find creative solutions that offer their users a friendly experience, without compromising security.

Crafting simple user interactions is at the heart of what we're building. We go on adventures and experiment, but make sure to challenge our assumptions with data.

We encourage everyone at Portis to be curious, bold and to apply original thinking in everything they do. It's expected that you own and learn from mistakes as well as bring joy and optimism to work.

Together, we are building the future of the next web.

About us:


Itay Radotzki

Co-Founder & CTO

Tom Teman

Co-Founder & CEO

Rita Radionov

Administrative Manager

Tom Keidar

Full Stack Developer

Meytal Ben-Tzvi

QA Engineer


Tal Zackon

F2, General Manager

Jonathan Saacks

F2, Managing Partner

Barak Rabinowitz

F2, Managing Partner

Avishay Ovadia

Collider VC, Principal

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